On this page, you can find the average processing times for each type of product. When the order is shipped, a tracking link will be sent to the provided email address.

Please note that pre-order products have different processing times compared to regular orders.

The moment the label for your order is printed, you will receive a tracking link. It will contain little to no information for the first hour.

You can sometimes choose a different delivery location afterwards, send it to a pick-up point or give drop-off permission.
Drop-off authorization is at the recipient's own risk.

Is your package 3 working days longer in transit than the carrier has indicated? First check the tracking link and make sure that you have entered the correct information.

Is there no update and the package has not been delivered anywhere? Then contact customer service:

With years of experience shipping tropical plants and orchids to customers around the world, we know well how best to protect the plants. We consider which packing method is best for the plants per location, order contents and circumstance.

In addition, we use increasingly sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

When you add weather insurance, you are also insured against cold damage or other damage caused by weather conditions during
The plants receive an extra layer of insulating packing material. The weather conditions at the location where the plants are to be transported are taken into account.

Basically, it is not possible to return orders. This is due to the nature of the products: perishable
goods. Our products are evende organisms, which must be cared for, replicating tropical conditions as best as possible.

Therefore, it is also not possible to receive a free return label.

Should the package be refused upon delivery or forgotten to be picked up at a pick-up point? Because plants cannot survive in a box for too long, the damage will be deducted from the refund after receiving the return.

It is possible to have orders shipped to the US under certain conditions. Please email customer service for
additional explanation. During the year this may vary.


Upon delivery of the plants, a form is included with basic instructions that apply to most houseplants and
orchids, so that the plant can recover from the trip in the best way possible. Shipping will always reduce the plant's resistance slightly, but these instructions will allow the plant to recover from the trip in the best way possible.

It is important that a plant not be removed from the pot for the first 6 weeks after receipt, so that the plant can acclimate better and no unnecessary risk of damage is run.

We strongly recommend leaving the plant's roots alone as much as possible for the first 6 weeks after arrival. At that
way, the plant has a good chance to recover and acclimate to the new conditions. In fact, many of our tropical plants are very sensitive to changes around the root system. Since they already get a dent in their resistance from a shipment, in some cases the immediate
repotting right away can be fatal to the plant.

If you do not follow the advice, unfortunately you can no longer rely on us. Good care is essential for the preservation of a (house)plant.


The minimum order amount is €19.95 to place an order. This is because plants require extra care in processing an order before they can be shipped, which is why we have this minimum
handle. This amount does not include shipping and weather insurance.

It is not possible to pick your own plants. Because
we do not have enough space or time to offer everyone the possibility to pick something out, you can look for more details in the specifications of
a product. Here you can find approximately what you can expect when you order the specific product.

Please note! We use sample photos. These pictures are sometimes just a picture of the type of plant, because we have a large variety of plants.
assortment. So always look carefully in the specifications of the products.

We work with living organisms and we have a very large assortment. It can therefore sometimes happen that the quality of a plant is not good enough to be shipped. This means that the stock of plants on our webshop may differ from the reality in the greenhouse.

We keep the stock as well as possible, but unfortunately we cannot prevent that a plant is unexpectedly ordered despite being unavailable. We always offer an equivalent
compensation for this. A refund of the plant also always remains until one of the
possibilities in such a case.

Plants are sensitive to climate and seasonal or
weather conditions. The length of flowering depends on many different factors and cannot always be optimally predicted.

This can cause a product you ordered to unexpectedly bloom during the processing time. We will always let you know and together we will find a suitable solution.
solution (such as possibly a replacement plant).

It is not possible to add products to this order after the order has been placed. So always make sure you check the order as much as possible before completing the order.

In principle, it is not possible to get an extra discount when placing a large order. In only a few cases, such as if you are a wholesaler and we have certain products available in larger quantities, you can get an additional discount. Please contact our customer service.

It is possible to place a wholesale order. To do this, you can create an account and send details such as VAT, company address and name to customer service.

Your data can then be used by our staff
be verified. Then the account will be converted into a wholesale account. When you are logged in, you can
then see wholesale prices.


Customer service almost always responds to an email within 4 business days. However, in some issues this may be due to the
difficulty or involvement of a third party increase somewhat. We do
our best efforts to provide you with an answer as soon as possible.

For common questions, you can often find the answer
found in the FAQ or on other informative pages on the webshop.

Our staff is all-round and no employee works full office hours or at fixed times on customer service in a quiet room with good telephone coverage. Because we cannot promise to be available to customers by phone all day, we have decided that we do not offer telephone customer service. You can reach us through the contact form or by emailing us at this email address:

We may, however, contact you by phone about your order.

It is of course very annoying if something has gone wrong with the delivery or if you are not satisfied with the content of the order.

Always make sure that you do not throw away the plants and packaging during the complaints procedure. Take as many pictures as possible of the box, the
packaging, the entire state of the plant in daylight, and so on. Send us an email upon receipt or at the latest within 24 hours with a clear description
of the situation and problem, the order number and the photos.

Without photos, we unfortunately cannot process an issue, as this is part of our procedure.

Complaints and other issues are not handled over the phone, as we require pictures and customer service representatives are not authorized to resolve issues. This is always done by the supervisor/manager, because then everyone is so
treated evenly and because customer service representatives are not always experienced enough to properly evaluate photographs.

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