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Show 1 - 24 from 1428 products
Alocasia black velvet variegata (nr 1)Alocasia black velvet variegata (nr 1)
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eitjes, knolletjes)Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (eitjes, knolletjes)
Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (Nr 1)Alocasia black velvet aurea variegata (Nr 1)
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Hoya lambii (Small Plant)Hoya lambii (Small Plant)
Hoya lambii (Small Plant)
Special price€21,95 Normal price€46,95
Philodendron strawberry shake (Big Plant)Philodendron strawberry shake (Big Plant)
Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)
Platycerium ridleyi (Small Plant)
Special price€54,95
Paphiopedilum thaianum ‘Pink Flame’Paphiopedilum thaianum ‘Pink Flame’
Paphiopedilum thaianum ‘Pink Flame’
Special priceFrom €499,95
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Philodendron atabapoense variegata albo nr 1
Phalaenopsis giganteaPhalaenopsis gigantea
Phalaenopsis gigantea
Special priceFrom €89,95
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Vanda cristata (Small Plant)Vanda cristata (Small Plant)
Vanda cristata (Small Plant)
Special price€39,95
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Paphiopedilum emersoniiPaphiopedilum emersonii
Paphiopedilum emersonii
Special price€149,95
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Philodendron melanochrysum variegata ''Big Plant" (2 in 1 pot)Philodendron melanochrysum variegata ''Big Plant" (2 in 1 pot)
Philodendron Florida Beauty (5-8 Leaves) "Big Plant"Philodendron Florida Beauty (5-8 Leaves) "Big Plant"
Dendrobium farmeri "Pink" (Big Plant)Dendrobium farmeri "Pink" (Big Plant)
Dendrobium farmeri "Pink" (Big Plant)
Special priceFrom €43,95
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Dendrobium farmeri "Pink"Dendrobium farmeri "Pink"
Dendrobium farmeri "Pink"
Special priceFrom €21,95
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Catasetum tenebrosum (Big Plant)Catasetum tenebrosum (Big Plant)
Catasetum tenebrosum (Big Plant)
Special priceFrom €89,95
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Rlc. Duh's White 'Peppa Pig'
Rlc. Duh's White 'Peppa Pig'
Special price€34,95
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Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 1 Leaf Cuttings)Philodendron micans pink variegated ( 1 Leaf Cuttings)
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Monstera deliciosa Variegata albo "Half Moon" (5/6 leaves) + Highly variegatedMonstera deliciosa Variegata albo "Half Moon" (5/6 leaves) + Highly variegated
Hoya nicholsoniae New Guinea Ghost (Big Plant)Hoya nicholsoniae New Guinea Ghost "Big Plant"
Alocasia Pink Dragon aurea variegata
Alocasia Pink Dragon aurea variegata
Special price€79,95
Platycerium madagascariense "Baby Plant"
Hoya deykeae (8 + Leaves)Hoya deykeae (8 + Leaves)
Hoya deykeae (8 + Leaves)
Special price€39,95
Monstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)+ Highly variegatedMonstera minima variegated albo (3-5 leaves)+ Highly variegated

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Who is Claessen Orchids and Plants and why can you find the most rare tropical house plants and orchids here?

Claessen Orchids and Plants is the leader in terms of plant trends. Every month there is something exciting and news in our range. Thanks to our extensive network, we always have something beautiful to choose from for both orchids of special tropical plants. Our website is therefore for and by lovers of separate tropical flora. Take a look at this page in our jungle of rare houseplants.

Discover the rare splendor of Varegata at Claessen Orchids and Plants

Welcome to Claessen Orchids and Plants, your leading source for the most rare and exotic house plants and orchids. We have compiled a unique collection with passion that not only embellishes your interior, but also makes a distinctive statement. Discover the magic of Varegata here, a remarkable feature that adds beautiful color variations to the leaves of these extraordinary plants.

Variegata: a unique dimension for your green oasis

At Claessen Orchids and Plants we have committed ourselves to offering an exceptional experience. Our collection varies from the most unique to the most classic indoor plants with varegata leaves. Whether you are a seasoned plant collector or just start your green trip, our Variegata room plants offer something special for everyone.

Claessen Orchids and Plants: Specialist in rare tropical plants

We are proud of our specialization in finding the most rare tropical house plants and orchids. With us you are assured of quality and rarity. Every copy in our collection is carefully selected and grown with love, so that you get a piece of natural splendor.

Bring your space to life with our rare collection

Let your space come to life with the enchanting presence of our rare house plants. Discover the world of Varegata and experience the unique charm that these plants entail. Claessen Orchids and Plants invites you to bring the beauty of nature in and to transform your living space with our extraordinary collection.

Claessen Orchids and Plants: Your destination for natural rarity

Cherish the exceptional and surround yourself with the rarity that we have to offer. Discover why Claessen Orchids and Plants is the preferred destination for lovers of unique, rare plants. Get the natural splendor today and give your interior a lush and distinctive appearance.

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