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Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong XXL"Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong XXL"
Aerides lawrenceae "Dumrong XXL"
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Aerides flabellataAerides flabellata
Aerides flabellata
Special price€32,95
Aerides rosea "Big"Aerides rosea "Big"
Aerides rosea "Big"
Special price€39,95
Aerides lawrenceae
Aerides lawrenceae
Special price€39,95
Aerides houlletianaAerides houlletiana
Aerides houlletiana
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The literal translation of Aerides is "air plant. In fact, this orchid grows similar to the Vanda. The flowers attached to it come to hang from the plant in large clusters. This makes it a breathtaking spectacle to behold. The colors of the flowers are usually a combination of white, purple and/or pink. Moreover, when in bloom, these orchids are usually fragrant and the flowers are also waxy.

Another name for this orchid is also called cattail orchid or foxbrush orchid due to the long flower branches with numerous decorative flowers attached.

This is a nice hanging plant for behind the net curtain in indirect sunlight in the living room window or just a humid room, such as a bathroom. But watch out on the south, because here the plant might receive too much sunlight.

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