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Begonia highlanderBegonia highlander
Begonia highlander
Special price€24,95
Begonia amphioxusBegonia amphioxus
Begonia amphioxus
Special price€13,95
Begonia Lyallii
Begonia Lyallii
Special price€11,95
Begonia brevirimosaBegonia brevirimosa
Begonia brevirimosa
Special price€29,95
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Begonia chlorosticta "Red"Begonia chlorosticta "Red"
Begonia chlorosticta "Red"
Special price€54,95 Normal price€56,95
Begonia rajahBegonia rajah
Begonia rajah
Special price€23,95

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Begonias are not only kept as houseplants, but also in a terrarium it is a beautiful plant to see.

The leaves of the Begonia often have colored or white dots or other unusual shapes and colors in the leaves. Because of the very distinct contrast colors that many Begonias can have, this plant has grown in popularity.

On our web shop you can mainly find very unusual varieties of Begonias that can hardly be found anywhere. We specialize especially in rare species for the true plant lover or people looking for something truly unique.

Begonias like high humidity and a slightly moist substrate. However, do not leave the feet too wet for too long, as there is a risk of root rot. With good drainage, this can be prevented.

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