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Macodes Lowii
Macodes Lowii
Special price€21,95
Macodes specieMacodes specie
Macodes specie
Special price€18,95
Macodes sanderiana "Rolfe 1896"Macodes sanderiana "Rolfe 1896"
Macodes sanderiana "Rolfe 1896"
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Macodes petola (1 plant per pot)Macodes petola (1 plant per pot)
Macodes petola (1 plant per pot)
Special price€13,95
Macodes petola "Big"Macodes petola "Big"
Macodes petola "Big"
Special price€26,95

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Macodes petola is one of the most popular jewel orchids. These orchids are best known for the beautiful colors and textures of the leaves. The leaves of this orchid begin as rolled up parchment and fold over then slowly open up.

Another name for this particular orchid is lightning orchid, because the veins of the leaves show through the silvery and glittering color resemble lightning bolts. This orchid is another renamed. Indeed, before this, the plant was called Neottia petola.

Macodes petola orchids are often kept in a terrarium. kept, because they like both high humidity and air movement like.

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